Welcome to the Sheffield Business Crime Partnership Disc system

Welcome to the Sheffield Business Crime Portal.

This service has been established to keep our members upto date on everything happening in Sheffield. The service also incorporates the City Retailers Against Crime (CRAC) networks to help share information relating to business crime activities

Partners include Sheffield City Council, South Yorkshire Police, Retailers, Licensed premises. All partners are constantly working together to reduce business crime in the city.

The Partnership

  • Manages radio schemes in the retail and licensed premises sector.
  • Conducts regular intelligence sharing meetings both locally and regionally.
  • Manages this Business Crime Portal secure website for information sharing.
  • Provides free security-related training.

The intranet is also designed to help you keep up to date with various activities & issues in the city that may affect your business such as traffic updates, events taking place in the city and local sporting events.

*It is prohibited for members to view the galleries with the intention of identifying an offender post offence.This may result in the case against the individual being dropped. If in doubt contact the Business Crime Reduction Team.

"The identities of some shown on this site are sort in connection with enquires. Images may be of both potential suspects and or witnesses"

For further details, or to discuss your individual needs, please contact Rob Cowley on 01144741712, Mob: 07875331558 or by email at [email protected]


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