Welcome to the Nuneaton & Bedworth Neighbourhood Watch Association Disc system

This is the secure, members-only intranet site for all Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators in the Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough of Warwickshire.

This is a secure website which only NW coordinators can access.  Here they can find all the information they will need to keep their neighbourhoods alert, and help police to identify, solve - and hopefully prevent - neighbourhood crime and anti-social behaviour.

On this webste you wlll find news, police 'alerts' informaition about up-coming events and useful documents.   In addition to access to this intranet, coordinators in the Nuneaton & Bedwortharea receive a weekly e-newsletter keeping them informed about anything that has been added to this webiste in the previous seven days.

If you would like to join a Neightbourhood Watch in Nuneaton & Bedworth, or would like to set up a Watch group in the area, email us now at nuneatonvnw@gmail.com



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